How to protect against Cyber Attacks

Published ¤ 15/05/2017 16:38:38

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Everyone will have heard about the reported IT issues affecting over 150 countries and more specifically the NHS and other UK organisations this weekend. So, what can be done to protect your business from such attacks?

What is the issue?

A computer virus in the form "ransomware" is being transmitted from PC to PC, predominately by the receiving and opening of an infected file or link within an email.
What is Ransomware?

This is a type of virus that when opened, will take over your PC or laptop and prevent you from accessing any files by rendering them unusable. Instructions will pop up on your screen telling you that in order for your files to be unlocked a "ransom" must be paid.
What has happened in this most recent attack?

These recent issues have come about by someone clicking on a link in a suspect email or opening an unsafe email attachment. This virus then spread through the linked systems and onto new, unsuspecting users.
How can you protect yourself?

You should employ great caution when opening any office documents sent to you via email that ask you to enable macros. Anybody using older systems such as Windows XP are particularly susceptible to being infected and spreading the malware.

  • Avoid opening any email attachments from any source that you don’t fully trust or that you’re not expecting
  • Avoid clicking on any links in any emails from a source that you don't fully trust or that you're not expecting
  • Keep your antivirus solutions fully updated
  • Keep your operating systems fully updated
  • Ensure you carry our regular backups of your data. A good way to think of data is "data doesn't exist unless it's backed up".
Finally, it also worth considering what the cost to your business would be if you had to cease trading due to such an attack. At PKS we can provide insurance to protect against financial loss due to a cyber attack. Please call us to discuss your requirements and to see how we could help.
We hope these simple tips help you to stay safe when using your computer. Please feel free to circulate this to any office staff you have if you think it will be helpful in ensuring that you, your business and your customers stay safe.
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