Ex-smokers can save thousands of pounds each year!

Published ¤ 09/03/2011 14:15:55

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People that have given up smoking can save themselves thousands of pounds, not only on the cost of the cigarettes, but also on lower cost life cover and medical insurance.

Recent research from Santander showed that the average smoker can save over £1,000 per year just on the cost of cigarettes. Anyone that used to smoke 20 a day or more will be saving over £2,000 per year.
Paul Skinner from PKS, one of Hampshire's top mortgage and insurance brokers, commented "This is great news, on National No Smoking Day! However, this could be just the tip of the iceberg. Many people pay hundreds of pounds in life insurance and medical insurance premiums. When people give up smoking, they very rarely review these insurances, especially if they are to protect a mortgage.
"The cost of life cover for a non-smoker can be almost half that for a smoker. On top of this, the cost of life cover has reduced by up to 50% over the last 10 years."
Cheaper life cover for non-smokers

Life cover and mortgage protection can be up to 50% cheaper for non-smokers

Last week, the European Court of Justice announced that insurance companies can no longer discriminate on the grounds of gender. Therefore the cost of life insurance for females will rise dramatically from December 2012.
Paul advises "Anybody that has given up smoking for at least 12 months should review their insurance cover as soon as possible. Anyone that successfully gives up from today, should review their cover in 12 months time, especially women to avoid the hike in prices at the end of 2012."
If you would like to review your insurance cover, call PKS on the number at the top of the page, or click here to send a message.

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