Guide to Successful House Selling

Published ¤ 12/07/2010 15:57:52

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'Guide to successful House selling', by courtesy of Karen Chapman of Renaissance Interiors, Hartley Wintney. Tel 01252 220400.

Forget the myth about the smell of baking bread and freshly brewed coffee. Think more of ridding your home of the smell of wet dog and bulging cupboards. Below are some helpful tips to make your home look and feel like any prospective buyers dream.

Most people decide to move house because they have run out of living space. The last thing you want to do is to give the impression that your home will be too small for them too.

Reducing clutter is a priority. You will need to pack when you move so why not start now? This will get you ahead of the game as well as reduce your clutter.

Start by getting rid of the stuff you no longer need, old or unseasonal clothes, outgrown toys and children's clothes. You could be a generous soul and replenish the stocks of your local charity shops or if you want to spend a little more time then you can sell your things in the local free-ads or on Ebay.
If you need to show buyers around whilst you are in the process of organizing yourself, you need to prioritise. Start with the entrance to your home. This space is so important as it is setting the scene for your home.

Firstly, whatever shape or size of hallway you have ensure the space you see as your door opens is clear of coats and shoes. Putting these in a cupboard with shelves and hooks is the best. If this is not possible get a basket, preferably with a lid, for the day to day shoes and put the other shoes in wardrobes. Coats are bulky and untidy, create a designated space, either hooks or a coat stand to give them a home. Avoid hanging on the post at the base of the stairs as this always makes the stairs feel narrow.
Make the entrance to your home as welcoming as possible, both inside and out. Make sure the path to your front door is clear and clean. And that the lawn is not overgrown. Place a pretty pot with a few flowers by the door - it can't hurt. Make sure the front door is in good repair and is smart. If absolutely necessary invest in a pot of paint and give it a spruce up. Inside you will need to set the scene. If your hall is spacious place a nice chair, table with a lamp or any favourite piece to give the space focus and character. Most people have their main phone line in the hall so build on the phone table theme.

If your hallway is narrow then the focus needs to be on creating the illusion of space. Find the largest mirror you can and hang it on a side wall, opposite a window or a light source if possible as this will increase the light levels too.
Your other rooms will follow a similar pattern but a few other simple rules apply.

Once you have packed away or sold your unnecessary bits ask yourself if the room still feels over full. If so try to remove one piece of furniture. 'Space for everything and everything in its place'. So true. If everything has a home in each room it is much easier to tidy up in double quick time.

Don't forget to a buyer nowhere is out of bounds. You can't stuff it all into the cupboards and wardrobes as the likelihood is they will want to see what lies beneath and will take a look. If a mound of stuff falls out of the cupboards they will know that there isn't enough storage and your house isn't for them. Find the cheapest stackable boxes you can. Load and label boxes for foldable item and shoes to fit at the bottom of your wardrobes. Keep hanging items to a minimum so they glide freely on the rail.
Look at your decor. Does each room have a colour scheme? Are there too may colours in your room? Take one colour from each room to accessorise and accent. If in doubt use cream, buttery gold or silver as your accent colours.

It has been suggested by many designers that your home should be a blank canvas for your buyers. This has got to be a personal choice as a blank canvas may look soulless and too clinical, whilst carefully chosen colours, even strong ones can look homely and tasteful.
If your walls are all plain cream and your furniture has no hutspa' then it will all look too flat and uninviting. Rooms need warmth and to look welcoming. Choose a single dynamic colour from your room and paint one wall. Then accessorise the rest of the room with this colour-cushions, a rug, tiebacks, candles, a fruitbowl etc. You don't need to spend a fortune on these bits and pieces.

There are a variety of discount shops that are ideal for this sort of thing as you obviously don't want to spend a lot on this home you'll want to save your pennies for your new home.
You now have all these boxes and bits of cleared furniture. What to do with them I hear you ask. Obviously, keeping costs down is important. Ask family and friends first if they can look after a few boxes for you. Hopefully it won't be for long. With all the fine tuning you have done your house will be snapped up and all the boxes can come home ready for the move.

If you need more formal storage or a larger space than your family's garage then there are many varieties of storage spaces for hire.
This extract has been reproduced with kind permission from Karen Chapman of Renaissance Interiors in Hartley Wintney.

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